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Next satellite phone call will be from the ice.

I chatted with the field team earlier today and they are in good spirit. They’re obviously  excited about going onto the ice and establishing the ice camp tomorrow, but they have been pretty busy sorting out all the helicopter loads and the equipment. We’ve checked our communications and they work! Tomorrow will be a busy day for the team, and so we’ve agreed that for tomorrow only, no news is good news. Andrew and I will have our mobile pones on 24hrs a day from now on, in case of problems. Otherwise, one of us will be in touch with the camp once each day for the first week around noon (9 in the morning on the ice) for daily debriefs.  I’ll report on these calls each day on this site.

So, the fieldwork begins in earnest tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it too…… More on Wednesday, Martyn.



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