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WP3 JPL visit


November saw an exchange visit to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab for Joe, the Work Package 3 post-doc. After joining us in the field in summer 2016, JPL postdoc Johan Nilsson kindly put Joe up for a fortnight at his apartment in Pasadena. The purpose of the trip was to allow Joe and project partner Alex Gardner to develop the radiative transfer modelling component of WP3’s science agenda. In Joe’s words:

“It was an extremely productive trip – being face-to-face with these experts helped to confirm, refine and advance my current work and plans for 2017. I was lucky enough to meet researchers from the Airborne Snow Observatory and Europa Mission and got a tour around some of the labs”.

A tour of the Mars rovers courtesy of Alex!

Joe also gave a research talk on ‘Bioalbedo’ at JPL’s Earth Sciences department. He said,

“Speaking at JPL was a huge honour and total boyhood dream-come-true as this is one of the world’s leading centres for cutting edge earth science. I spoke to the Earth Sciences division on the topic of “Bio-albedo” (the effect of microbial life on the colour of ice). The feedback and follow-up conversations were really valuable and will help stimulate some exciting science in 2017!”

The visit will help WP3 to model the biological components of ‘Dark ice’



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