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All well and warm in camp

News from the team is that the first day and night went. They are all warm, happy and comfortable. The mess and science tents have been erected, and the six personal tents are up and doing their job. Breakfast was going down well as I called.

There is about 0.5 m of solid snow on site. The snow shoes are working well and keeping feet warm and dray. Today, the met station will be operational, and there will be a lot of snow pits dug and sampled around the camp, so that we can ensure that we characterise the physical, biological and chemical nature of the snow and underlying ice, prior to the melt.

Greenland 2016 First Part of Trip 148

Personal tents on the ice, last season. The ice drill is attached to heavy duty electrical drill so that making holes for the bamboo canes to hold the tent up is a fun job.

Greenland 2016 First Part of Trip 153

The mess tent, last season. Jenine (front left) and Alex (Holland, front right) are in the field at the moment, Alex (Anesio, back left) will fly in two weeks time, and Andrew (back central) flies in at the start of July.



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