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Field Team managing the slush comfortably so far

News from the team is that the melt is proceeding quickly now, but that they are dealing with the slush relatively easily. We are fortunate that the snow depth in the vicinity of the camp was not so deep, and we planned to camp and work on high spots in the ice. This seems to have worked, and camp has only had to be moved once so far, on Friday. There is a lot of sampling and processing of samples in the field lab at the moment. We estimate that the slush has largely flowed and melted away on the timescale of 7-10 days, so hopefully the team will have seen through the slush period by the weekend. Alex, Laura and Liane are getting ready to go into the field in about a week, and Jim will be returning to Leeds for a well earned rest. So far so good, and I’m hoping that this continues for the rest of the trip.



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